Welcome to techwood
-House of prestigious wood products-
Techwood from its modest beginnings in 1984 and almost 25 years ago has today developed into a major furniture manufacturing organization.
Our products are for the most part, custom made, with emphasis on space saving and exclusive designs and techniques. Besides pantry systems and kitchen furniture, techwood also specializes in any type of household furniture, be it bedroom, sitting or dining room furniture etc., according to customer specifications.
Indigenous woods and veneers such as Mahogany and Sri Lankan Teak, in addition to imported woods such as Burma Teak and Pinewood and wooden boards such as Medium Density Fiber (MDF) etc., are used depending on customer’s requirement.
Our Mission and Vission
At the inception we had it as our vision, to introduce to the country changing styles and techniques in keeping with our fast developing and altering life styles. Today with the vast strides which have taken place in the fields of furniture manufacture, the vision we envisaged way behind in 1984 is now taking place. We can surely say that the vision and mission we set out on has almost been achieved and with the rapid changes taking place in furniture designing, we have geared ourselves to meet the challenges.